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                    Phone: 020 8942 0961                                                  

The interior of the studio


We have three professional tattoo artists to choose from, all of which can undertake the tattoo you wish to have. The choice of who you would like to do your tattoo is yours. But, if the artist you choose feels that you would be better off seeing one of the other artists for the style of work you have chosen, you will be advised as to who would be the best choice for your tattoo.


We offer the following styles of tattooing in this studio:


  • Japanese

  • Oriental

  • Tribal

  • Traditional

  • Black and grey

  • Custom

  • Free-hand

  • Cover-ups and reworks

  • Customers' own designs (where possible)

  • Portraits


We offer a walk-in service for smaller tattoos and this is available every day (Tuesday to Saturday) with one of our resident tattooists. Large work is done mainly by appointment, where possible, but will be considered for walk-in depending on the size and the time available on the day. We are a dedicated team who take our work seriously and are here to help you have the best experience that we can give you in this studio. We don't take bookings over the phone.

We also do body piercings

Body piercing is also available in our private Piercing Studio and no appointment is required for this. We have a huge variety of body piercing jewellery for sale at discount prices.

Dedicated staff

Our talented team has lots of experience and are here to give you as much help and advice as they can. Please browse their work in our galleries. Andy's own considerable portfolio.

A safe, clean environment

In this tattoo studio, we use only the very best products and equipment that are currently available. We use a fresh water vacuum steriliser for all tattoo and piercing equipment and jewellery, where needed. All needles, pigments, containers and consumables are ALL SINGLE USE and we follow the highest standards of cross-contamination prevention at all times. We also offer aftercare advice.